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Professional Sealant

Professional Sealant

Product Description:

It's one component, for isolation and sealing product. It has high strenght. It cures with atmospheric humidity. Very well sealing to bare and painted surfaces. It prevents corrosion, does not lose volume. Resistant to cold and heat, no stretching, no sagging. It's always flexible. Easy to apply, creates smooth surface. All kinds of paints can be applied on it.

Using Area:

It provides excellent adhesion and isolation to all of the following materials; joints in motor and motorless vehicles, marine vehicles, joints in roof, joints groove in constructions, ventilating duct and slot, containers, caravans applications etc. Steel, aluminum, lead, cooper, glass, wood, granite, marble, cast stone, corian and composite material, mirror, ceramic, PVC and plastic plate.

Product Usage:

Application area should be dry, clean, free of dust and grease. Cut the tip of the contracture according to the diameter of the surface to be applied, use cartridge gun. Should be stored closed package, between 5-25°C, at dry and well-ventilation area. Should not be high temperature and high relative humidity at storage area. Life is 12 months from date of production. ( Written on package) Should be stored out of reach of children and pets.