Extracut Rubbing Compound

Product Description

Rubbing Compound is applied to acrylic and cellulose paint surfaces. It removes paint dusts, sandingpaper marks, deep paint scratches, orange peeling surface images and paint sagging marks. Its also used before Fade-Out application to matt the paint surface. Cleaning of the dust and dirt on the new and old painted surfaces. Avoiding small scratches on the surfaces and create filming. Silicon free. Must be protected from freezing.


Painted surface must be sanded by P800 – P1200 grade sanding paper. Extra rubbing compound is applied with a rubbing machine with 1200-1600 rpm/min. speed or by hand with a clean and soft cloth. Application process is continued until the surface is cleaned.If necessary, Polycar Fine Polish Paste is applied for fine scratches. Surface is polished with Polycar Power Polsih or Silicone Free Teflon Polish.

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