Polycar 1K Adhesion Primer for Plastics

Politek 1K Adhesion Primer for Plastics has high adhesive ability to Plastic surfaces which have differents structures (PP, PP/EDPM, ABS, PE, PUR, PBT, PC, PVC, NYLON, TPO, PPO, XENOY) with top coat paint, clearcoat and primers.

Product Usage: The surface on which the application to be done should be cleaned from dirt, silicone and oil in order to ensure a better adhesion. Plastic surfaces must be dry before apllication plastic primer. 1-2 thin layers can be applied . Considerably thicker applications might cause decrease in adhesion. Suggested thickness is around 15-20 microns. At room temperature, after 15-20 minutes the basecoat and topcoat paint can be applied over.

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