Polycar Marine Universal Liquid Compound – Fast Cut

Product Description

Polycar Marine Universal Fast Cut Liquid Compound is a highly effective,fastest ever cuting action rubbing compound. Eliminates P1500-P2000 or finer sanding marks,signs of wear and tear speedly. Provides superb final finish shine in one step for the majority of jobs.Can be used on all paint system(MS,HS, special paint resistant low friction, freshly repaired paint and cured topcoats) and performance gives excellent result.Works long before surface drying.No stain effect on glass , pileksiglas and plastic surface,easy washing and wipe off.No hologram, No silicone.Water based – low VOC content. It is highly resistant to fire. Compound pad or lambswool is used as polishing tool.

Shake well before use.Painted surface must be sanded by P1500-P2000 grade sanding paper.Polycar Marine Universal Fast Cut Liquid Compound is applied with a rubbing machine with 1200-1600 rpm speed after wetting the surfaces. Reapplication can be made according the paint surface.Water supplement is made by spray to the dry surface.If necessary,surface can be polished with Polycar Power Polish or Teflon Polish