Polyurethane Pu 114 Set

Product Description

This is polyurethane based, having strong fixtropic, filling strength in putties viscosity with double components, coating and insulating material, which can be applied in thick layers. It is resistant against to miscellaneous chemicals, sea water, water, and various corrosive environments.

Politek Polyurethane PU 114 It is comprised of 6 parts Hardener agent, and 1 part mixture ratio. It becomes in jelly condition in 35-40 minutes at 20 °C. It is advies to be use in construction business, in protection of all kinds of surfaces against to water and humidity, especially for the domes of the mosques. In the automotive and marine business, it is used for the sheet metal parts of the automobiles, inside the bumpers, trunk and hoodsi flashings, inside the doors headlamp housings as corrosion preventive material.

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