Marble and Stone Adhesive

Product Description:

Politek Marble and Stone Adhesive is a two components marble and natural stone adhesive based on polyester resin. Used for bonding, repairing and filling up porous surfaces of the marble, granite, travertine, natural stone, artificial marble, ceramic, brick and similar materials. Suitable for vertical applications. No gliding from surface.


* Easy to apply
* Rapid curing time (15-30 min. at 20°C)
* Excellent brightness after mechanic polishing
* Excellent adhesion (even at high temperature)
* Excellent resistance to chemicals
* Very long lived
* Temperature resistance of cured adhesive is between -10°C
and +100°C
* Glued surfaces are ready to montage after 2 hours application
You can add colorant maximum 5% before adding hardener

Product Usage:

Surface to be adhered must be free of dust, dirt and oil before application. Ready to use after homogenous mixing with 2-3% BPO. Glued surfaces are ready to montage after 2 hours from application.

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