Politek Clear Varnish

Product Description:

Politek Clear Varnish is an air drying, nitro-cellulose-based varnish with high degree of sealing, gloss and filling capability. It is used in automotive-plastic and metal industry such as plastic surfaces of the toys, luminares (bell metal-bronze) leaded glass works . It is also used safely for glass coatings in the automotive industry. It does not change the color of the applied surfaces because of it’s transparency.It has 80°C heat resistance without fade or cracking in oven because of alkyd-melamine resin.

Product Usage:

Please clean the surface before use. Mixing Ratio; Add 100-150 units Politek Cellulosic Thinner to 100 units Politek Clear Varnish for tranparent coating. Please apply two layers. Another use; Add 100 (Max.) units Politek Clear Vernish to 200 units ColorTEC Cellulosic Paint for thining to paint.

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